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OMIGLOW Resurfacing Night Cream Instantly nourishes and promotes optimum hydration for healthy looking radiant skin. Pumpkin extracts is made up of alpha hydroxy acids that slough dead skin cells, increase cell turnover and keep the skin glowing. Contains natural extracts moisturizing properties, this is exactly the care skin needs overnight to ensure you wake up with nourished and healthy skin.

Omiglow Resurfacing Night Cream

50 Grams
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    1. Gently apply a pearl size amount to the forehead, cheeks and other parts.
    2. Apply from the nose area to fore-head in a circular motion three times.
    3. Gently massage the chin area from downward to upward.
    4. Massage the neck area from downward to upward.
    5. Gently tap the face till the essence completely absorbed.
  • Bees Wax, G.M.S, Mineral Oil, Borax, Vitamin E, Spinach Extracts, Tomato Extract, Cucumber Extract, Pumpkin Extract, T.E.A., Glycerine, Kathon CG, Perfume, Color, Distilled Water

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